25 May 2020 – Where is all the money going if the hospitals are empty?

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If all the hospitals are empty, then why were they previously FULL?  Were these patients really needing treatment?  Who was paying for all the NON – ESSENTIAL  hospitalizations?

$21M Brooklyn field hospital never saw a patient amid coronavirus pandemic

A roughly $21 million Brooklyn field hospital authorized by the de Blasio administration at the height of the coronavirus pandemic opened and closed without ever seeing one patient, according to city officials.

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d e Blasio ——https://www.nydailynews.com/news/election/de-blasio-names-de-blasio-article-1.1463591

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The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook was one of several sites across the five boroughs converted into a medical facility as a way to relieve the city’s overburdened hospital system as the COVID-19 crisis mounted.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans on Mar. 31 — a day after the 

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