Pandemic Paranoia Makes ‘The Lives of Others’ a Remarkably Timely Movie

Allah's Willing Executioners

Fade in. A title card reads “Temporary Detention Center; Ministry For State Security.” A policeman is holding a man by his arm in a darkened and scary looking corridor. He tells him, “Stand still. Eyes to the floor,” and then after a beat, “Walk on.” The prisoner is taken to a room, and the policeman tells him, “Address him as ‘Captain!’ Enter. Sit down. Hands under your thighs, palms down.” In front of the captain’s desk, the prisoner is seated on a small wooden chair, with a red cloth cushion.”

The captain asks him, “What do you have to tell us?”

The prisoner replies, “I’ve done nothing. I know nothing.”

The captain replies, “You’ve done nothing, know nothing…You think we imprison people on a whim? If you think our humanistic system capable of such a thing, that alone would justify your arrest.”

Just when the prisoner is ready to confess…

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