Sugar Feast under the sign of Islamization: Mass prayers in German inner cities

Allah's Willing Executioners

How far the “Islamic expansion” has gone in Central Europe, above all in Germany as the former heartland of the Christian West – to study this, certain events in the annual calendar offer most favourable occasions; currently it is for instance the just started three-day Sugar Feast, which was launched yesterday after the end of Ramadan. Many streets and places were in the rule of Muslims.

Particularly in several cities of North Rhine-Westphalia praying Muslims highlighted the fact that they claim the just again ” Corona relaxed” public space exclusively for their own religious practice – and without further ado they converted city centres, meadows and even parking lots of supermarkets into prayer areas. Strikingly, only men were always to be seen, strictly traditionally the women did not pray in public. And above all: it is the younger ones who present themselves here in strict faith – and not the…

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