Islam’s Insidious Encroachment On America’s PUBLIC Sphere, One City At A Time: Ramadan Practices Have So Dominated LA Neighborhood, It’s Prompting Noise Complaints – That’s The Least of The Danger – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKI: Step-by-step, creep-by-creep, and, most insidiously, stealth-by-stealth, Islamists in America — assisted by Islamic regimes throughout the Mid East and beyond — are Allah-bent on imposing Sharia Law on America. Of this, let there be no doubt. In fact, an  admission from Ibrahim Hooper, a core founder and director of CAIR — the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s, Hamas, highly-entrenched propaganda arm throughout America and Canada — is brazen enough to admit as much!

CAIR-Ibrahim-Hooper-Fooling-establishmentNot only that, as (more than) inferred, its cancerous spread takes many forms, yes, it does. But the latest infiltration and penetration has taken place during a very interesting time-frame; indeed, in the midst of a first-ever, draconian nation-wide lock-down! Resultant, many are too preoccupied and unaware of said intrusions into the public sphere  — of course, with the helping hands of their red-aligned comrades!

Mind you, it was…

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