28 May 2020 – President Trump puts a leash on Social media – media goes berserk

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Twitter silences free speech.  Therefore, the only way to square that is to silence the silencers.  The wrong is to silence, therefore to correct the wrong is to USE that wrong against the one perpetrating it.  Choosing any other way, at this type of evil will never square the wrong.  GOOD vs EVIL.  Moral vs Immoral.  Constitutional vs UN-Constitutional.

People often say two wrongs don’t make a right.  However, President Trump is NOT silencing Twitter.  Twitter has free speech.  They only thing that he is doing is UNDOING what they have chosen to impose.  Therefore, he is not silencing them.  He is using the EVIL that THEY created to REMOVE THAT said EVIL.  It’s out of THEIR mouths that this Order is coming.  Not unlike Pharaoh, who declare Israel’s first born to be killed, rather god had said prior that it will be PHARAOH that chooses the NEXT plague.


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