Germans are angry that migrants get more rights and benefits than citizens who worked their whole life: CDU minister

Allah's Willing Executioners

The German public is growing resentful that migrants have more rights to benefits than Germans who have worked their whole life, said German Interior Minister for the state of Saaraland Klaus Bouillon in a revealinginterviewwith Die Welt.

“There is great discontent among the population because everyone who arrives here immediately has many or even more rights along with rights to benefits and medical care than someone who has worked here for their entire life,” said Bouillon.

In regard to taking in accepting more migrants, Boullion believes Germans have less and less tolerance for new arrivals. Germany has already recorded arecord number of foreigners in 2019and some German state parliaments havevoted to stop accepting more migrantsin a sign of growing public weariness over the massive demographic changes taking place in the country.

“The willingness and acceptance in the country to accept people has decreased. We…

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