30 May 2020 – Cheating? China? Your kid is competing against a cheating Communist for University spots. And your TAXES help

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Feinstein1Feinstein2They are not students.  They are Communist spy’s.  There is not ONE person that comes to the USA that is NOT a spy.  Ask Senator Feinstein.  Was she the master?  Or was she under threat by the Communist Chinese government?  Who was in charge?  Who controlled whom?  I have a feeling that we may find out this time.

By the way, why did we accept that sealing records was OK?

The Chinese have been falsifying documents and using our government as it’s HOST.

They have a birthing industry going here as well.  They use our hotels and have babies that gain American citizenship.  They collect social security and have never lived here.

Chinese Cheating Rampant In US College Applications, And In Classrooms

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