30 May 2020 – SpaceX and NASA launch Dragon, while race riots rage ignited by the same Communists – “a set up”

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Instead of celebrating the GOOD of America these people riot

DRAGON is launched


NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV


Dragon is a flip off to China


The same Communists that started all the other riots started these riots and some of them sit in the same leadership positions


These riots are not organic

The tools for riots are being NOT organically attained.  They are in fact being delivered and staged at the locations that have been PRE designated.  THIS IS PLANNED.  I’m trying to find images of buses.  The buses are being PAID for by organizations that can be tied to people who MUST be held accountable.  Soros may be one, but he is NOT the ONLY one.  ALL must be traced!!!!!

The man in this video:

This is a set up –

“they put them there on purpose”

“aint no damn construction going on up here”

“where do…

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