Its Kiev In DC, Its NOT About #GeorgeFloyd. #Soros & The Left Are Trying To Overthrow The Govt

The Mad Jewess

Its Kiev In DC, Its NOT About #GeorgeFloyd. #Soros & The Left Are Trying To Overthrow The Govt

White House, May 31, 2020

I wrote about the violent overthrow of  President Yanukovych for 2 years on this blog. Americans called me a ‘Russian troll’, ‘Paid by Moscow’.  I warned it would come here. Its here.  
FIFTY Secret Service agents have been injured, and they are fearing possible car bombs in the area.

Obama’s secret service shot and killed people that even drive an inch to close the the white house..

This is what Soros did in Kiev in 2014.  It is very possible that the Soros ‘army’ will not stop until they have overthrown the Pres.  They overthrew Mubarrak, Gaddafi, they attempted to overthrow Assad. They overthrew Yanukovych.

The hyped Coronavirus was preparation for the overthrow.  

Trump has really not fought…

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