Prominent Mongolian politician arrested ahead of election

Allah's Willing Executioners

Mr. Nomtoibayar Nyamtaishir runs in the Parliamentary elections scheduled to be held on June 24th, but his campaign has been ruined by his arrest on charges he claims to be fabricated. Photo: Supplied

Since the fall of communism in 1989 Mongolia has grown into a developed democracy, but alarming signs are beginning to appear. The prominent politician Nomtoibayar Nyamtaishir was arrested, despite the fact that according to Mongolian law he has immunity until the election on June 24.

Nomtoibayar Nyamtaishir had fought corruption within the ruling Mongolian People’s Party, but was then expelled from this party and deprived of his parliamentary immunity. He then launched a campaign as an independent candidate, where he very quickly reached the number of required signatures. He needed 801 signatures, but in five days he managed to get support from almost a third of the 97 000 voters in his constituency in Ulan Bator. His…

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