Deja View All Over Again


If you’re like me, you did a lot of growing up in 1968. I was in high school, aware of civic issues, but more worried about high school sports, girls, work, and academics, not necessarily in that order. But that long hot summer of 1968 penetrated. I saw things that I couldn’t believe. A thousand (literally hundreds, anyway) state Police cars parked at a National Guard armory, Chicago in full riot mode, famous people assassinated in America, and so much more. Well, what goes around comes around, because here we are again.

So here I am 52 years later, most of a lifetime, later, what have we learned? By appearances, not a damned thing. The rioters are yelling the same futile things, the authorities are even more incompetent now than they were then. Who wouldn’t trade Lori Lightfoot for Richard M. Daly? The best write up (or at least, the…

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