Austria: Syrian girl killer tries to get a lenient sentence

Allah's Willing Executioners

It was a case that triggered off nationwide great horror: The 16-year-old Manuela K. had presumably been brutally murdered by her Syrian ex-boyfriend Yazan A. He now wants to legally defend himself against the maximum sentence imposed…

In the aftermath, increasingly gruesome details had become known: For Yazan A. (20 years old) is said to have strangled Manuela out of jealousy not only with a belt. He is also said to have raped her body before burying it in a heap of leaves in Wodica Park in Wiener Neustadt. The indictment at the time implied that he had vaginal intercourse with the dead woman and ejaculated on her corpse – the magazine Wochenblick reported on the disgusting details of the case in autumn.Hours after the crime, the police arrested the fugitive Syrian in Vienna, and the first trial followed in October.The suspect denied the killing at first, speaking of an…

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