Belgium: Migrant children infected with coronavirus are being sent to schools without testing

Allah's Willing Executioners

Children infected with coronavirus are being sent into the Belgian school system by the country’s asylum agency (Fedasil) despite protests from local politicians over fears it could lead to an outbreak.

The Belgian federal agency for the reception of asylum seekers refuses to have asylum seekers from the Koksijde asylum center tested for COVID-19, even though there is a coronavirus outbreak in the reception center.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak at the center, Koksijde’s mayor,Marc Vanden Bussche, decided that no one should leave the center before they have been tested. Now, it seems that despite the explicit ban, Fedasil still sends these migrant children from the asylum center to nearby schools. Now, two of those migrant children have already tested positive for COVID-19,KW reports.

A few months ago, it was decided that a disused air force base and a number of older houses in Koksijde would once again…

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