#BlueFlu Atlanta-Hundreds Of Cops Walking Off Jobs Thx To #BLM & #CommieCrats

The Mad Jewess

#BlueFlu: Hundreds Of CopsWalking Off Jobs Thx To #BLM & #CommieCrats
This is in Atlanta…but, its happening all over the nation.

It’s called the Blue Flu….I’d walk off too.  Basically, the filthy, dirty, disgusting rat Democrats, you can add Trump as well with his ‘reform the police’ order… have totally lowered the morale of the Police, nationally..

Anyone thats ‘in the know’ understands what the Police have to deal with in the inner cities.  Sure, there are always bad cops. Yep.  But all?  Nope.

C7443667-40D7-449B-BA6A-5C12386FCCC9Read it here……..https://www.toddstarnes.com/crime/blue-flu-atlanta-police-officers-are-walking-off-job-sources-say/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-pug&fbclid=IwAR0av4mCtx-I56F_oYrNgR7kghT5Oo7c93RhJnzBT3DwnB4UNGwEqJu3CZc

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