If Americans are afraid or angry, the media will feed us more fear & anger.

Cry and Howl

I just watched the White House press briefing. Kayleigh McEnany is an outstanding press secretary! I have to say again, the media is either utterly incompetent or they are genuinely the enemy of the American people. Here’s my take on what the media is doing. To begin with, when Americans are afraid (China virus) or when Americans are angry (the current unrest, protests, riots) they want information, accurate information, unbiased information. They need it to make informed decisions about the safety of their families and the communities they live in. What we don’t need is a media which feeds on the fear and the anger and exploit it for the simple reason they hate the President and are working with the Democrats to defeat him in November. When the China virus hit Americans were afraid and uncertain of the severity of coming down with the disease. The media, in…

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