Anti-racist maniacs will soon demand changing the name of the White House

Allah's Willing Executioners

by Giulio Meotti

With fanaticism and iconoclastic fury, the statues of southern Confederate leaders, such as Robert Lee, were the first to fall. An easy job, how can we disagree?

Then they went to hit the stones of Christopher Columbus, the “exterminator of Indians”. Here they had a small jolt, given that he is still the man who discovered America and we are talking about five centuries ago.

Following that, on to the monuments to Thomas Jefferson, the Enlightenment statesman who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Here it was a little more controversial, but not much, because Jefferson may have been a hero of the separation of church and state, a Founding Father, but he was still a famous slave owner.

Removing the Columbus statues should be the easy part, like deleting Andrew Jackson’s name and face from American highways, campuses and currencies, TheNew Republicwrote last week. “Who…

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