Germany: Brawl between refugees in a public bus – Subsequent attacks on police officers resulting in one policewoman being injured

Allah's Willing Executioners

To a brawl of several people in a public bus, the police was called to the bus stop at the street Hammerstraße in Essen on Thursday evening around 23.00 hours. When two police officers with service dogs arrived, they were immediately attacked by several men. To protect the police officers, the service dogs were used, which could stop two attackers only by bites.When additional police forces arrived, the men fled towards the shelter for asylum seekers. In the chase, a larger group of people stood up to the police officers and in some cases approached them threateningly.

This resulted in another bite from a service dog. Due to the very confusing situation and the large number of people, the Essen police requested immediate reinforcements from surrounding towns. With the help of these officers the situation could finally be calmed down. According to current information, three people were injured by dog…

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