UK: Muslim Stabs Three Random People, Cops Search for Motive

Motive? Islam is a pretty good bet.

Allah's Willing Executioners

At this point it’s a joke – aside from the dead and wounded bodies. The jihad continues, but the denial and willful ignorance of authorities in Britain, and all over the West, is absolute and impenetrable. The latest episode in this grim comic opera came Saturday in the English city of Reading, when a Muslim migrant from Libya named Khairi Saadallah went on a stabbing spree, striking at people’s necks as per the Qur’an’s command (47:4), killing three and wounding three others. British authorities initially and uncharacteristically stated that the attack was terrorism, but counterterror top dog Neil Basubacktracked, saying “the motivation for this heinous act is far from certain.”

Of course. When is the motivation of an Islamic jihadistevercertain?

The “far from certain” motive wasn’t enough: the British authorities didn’t stop there from dragging out the moldy oldies, the hoary clichés of jihad denial. The

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