22 June 2020 – Seth Rich- the Page and Strzok emails – so why are we STILL talking about this so late and NOTHING has been even INVESTIGATED ?

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Sorry, but this has been going on for years.

Prior to this Scalia was murdered and there was no autopsy.  Why?  Because he was IMMEDIATELY  embalmed

Why are these investigations either not being done or are so slow that it takes a lifetime.  This is NOT justice.  This is a blatant flipping off of America

OH MY! Emails About Seth Rich Between Strzok and Page RELEASED

It’s amazing how this tail continues to unravel for the Democrats and the Deep State.

As many of you know, I’ve been sued by the two most powerful Democrat law firms in America. They have but one goal, to silence the biggest voice in America investigating the Seth Rich murder. They’d also like to know our sources, and be able to shut them up as well. That’s also goal #2 of this frivolous lawsuit.

Two of the amazing patriot investigators on my team Larry…

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