23 June 2020 – BLM and the MB – is it really hard to believe? But here is the proof anyway.

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It’s not that hard to believe because Soros and company (s) funds the DNC, the MB associations, Antifa and BLM

Muslim Associations (the Muslim Student Association is one of the most powerful) always partner with wither Antifa or BLM or both on issues and the funding is always associated with the DNC in some way or another.  EllisonAntifa

Soros’, Rockefeller’s, Gate, Getty, CFR, etc… They all have NON – Profits that seem to launder money from illicit goods and then somehow monies get “cleaned” by the air of legitimacy.  These in the end are monies STOLEN from the TAX paying citizens.  This is a program that seems to be in most WESTERN countries, but it’s the same in the third world, but in the third world the warlords just steal it in the open.  No need to launder it.

Investigation Reveals BLM Warlord ‘Raz’ From ‘CHAZ’ Is Funded By Foreign Islamic…

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