BREAKING: Man suspected of terrorism storms into Vienna City Hall and shouts “Allahu Akbar” – connection with a politician’s criticism of the Koran suspected

Allah's Willing Executioners

During today’s municipal council meeting, a man stormed into the Vienna City Hall on Wednesday, shouting “Allahu Akbar” according to eyewitnesses. The security guard called for backup. The fire brigade also had to move in. The man threatened to set fire to everything.

As soon as the 32-year-old arrived on his bicycle, he threw it down and stormed into the Vienna City Hall shouting “Allahu-Akbar”.
Thereupon he splashed petrol around him and threatened to set everything on fire. The fire brigade – as well as the police – arrived with a considerable number of men and neutralised the accelerant. At this time a meeting of the Vienna City Council was taking place in the City Hall. Nobody was injured due to the professional and quick action of the security guard, who was provided by the police.Sharp criticism of the political reaction…

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