A typical white house press briefing

Cry and Howl

I’m writing this in a way I hope will give you a feel for the nonsensical behavior of the media when asking questions of the Press Secretary. So, I’ll be kinda skipping to questions and … well read the following and let me know if you can track with it.


I watched the White House Press briefing the other day and was sickened by the childish and moronic antics of the media. Kayleigh McEnany opened the thing up with about four minutes of updating the ‘journalists’ on current affairs like defunding the police in major cities, etc. The for about the next 16 minutes she took questions. I did a rough count of them in each category. 1st up was a question about the President ‘jesting’ that he asked the Coronavirus folks to slow-down testing so there wouldn’t be too many positive cases. The President said it jokingly. Not…

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