WATCH: Chechens beat up guests of a Viennese fancy restaurant because they were refused a handshake

Allah's Willing Executioners

Bild: Screenshot aus Facebook

Now a video has appeared on the Internet which confirms the assumptions of “ethnic Austrians”. The assault on the noble guests in the restaurant “Black Camel” was committed by people with a migration background, allegedly Chechens. The incident shows that even the upper class is no longer spared the ethnic conflicts which it has fuelled by supporting unlimited mass migration.

In the evening of June 17th, two passers-by roughed up several guests of the society club “Black Camel”. The police and the media reported in unison about drunken “Austrians” who had become violent because of a refused handshake. Now a video has appeared which shows once again how we are lied to by the media. See for yourself. According to eyewitnesses, the two violent thugs are Chechen martial artists.Interesting is the statement of the head waiter, who reports with which number of men the police is…

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