27 June 2020 -Reparations? To Black Americans from me? My family is white, Jewish and here only the last 40 years. We were slaves and genecided – so now WE pay reparations to blacks who were freed ?

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I am a Jew.  My family ESCAPED the USSR.  IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII escaped the USSR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My family was LITERALLY halved during WWII and before that? My grandmother was born during the Holodomor.  She nearly died.  I don’t know if anyone survived other than my grandmother.  My family line is tiny, because of Socialism.

I’m only here because of GOD’S will.  I was not supposed to be born.  My mother only had one kidney.  Theoretically, that is NOT enough to carry a child.  She had at least 6 miscarriages (that were documented) before I was born.  I was born after 16 years of marriage and 13 years of trying to have a child.

We, mom, dad, me, and my mothers mother ESCAPED the USSR.  How?  WE were unwanted by the regime and were told that if we wanted to leave then we should apply.  The stipulations ? MANY… We were to give up…

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