Austria: Turkish-born man strangles his wife and throws the body into a river – 150 relatives of the victim besiege the house of the murderer and swear blood revenge

Allah's Willing Executioners

She had disappeared without trace for days! But now the terrible suspicion is confirmed that the 31-year-old Bircan D.-Ü. in Imst in Tyrol was suffocated by her husband and thrown into the river Inn. The body of the young mother has not yet been discovered. The suspected perpetrator was arrested on Saturday – according to the police, he has now confessed to the crime.All night from Saturday to Sunday the Turkish-born murder suspect was under interrogation by the Tyrolean criminologists. Bit by bit the man revealed what had happened. According to initial information, the perpetrator had attacked the young woman – presumably out of raging jealousy – and strangled her to death.

Bircan D.-Ü. was last seen on Thursday morning near the common residence on the street Eichenweg in Imst. Since then the 31-year-old has been considered to have disappeared without a trace. Several searches remained in vain. According to…

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