Austrian traditional brewery is attacked by so-called anti-racists because for 200 years it has been showing a Moor’s head in its company logo


Allah's Willing Executioners

In recent days and weeks there has been a surge of accusations of racism against the Mohren brewery ( Mohr means Moor in the English language). According to the company, an objective dialogue is no longer possible.

Since the beginning of the radical left-wing “Black Lives Matter” movement, hostility against the traditional Dornbirn brewery because of its logo has increased massively. Employees were called “dirtbag” and “Nazis” on the answering machine.The brewery now had to act and temporarily shut down its Facebook account.An online petition supports the company, which has a stylized Moor’s head in its logo.Almost 9,000 people had signed up so far. The Medium Online Vorarlberg has started a survey, which showed a clear result and proves once again that leftists and left-wing extremists are only a minority with their concerns.By the way, the Moor’s head is based on the holy Mauritius, a black person that is…

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