29 June 2020 – St. Louis a terrorist mob breaks in to private property, but armed homeowners stand there ground and protect their own

Politics Religion and Family

The mob is a jealous.  They are privileged kids that don’t think that they have enough.  They want more.

STOP calling these terrorist “PROTESTERS” – what ARE they protesting? Floyd? NOT.  Statues ? no

They are internationally funded Communists and Marxists – SELF DESCRIBED!

The only thing that can stop a mob with threats and weapons is a gun

The mob came through with body armor and threats of bodily injury

They lived there for 32 years !

NOW – listen to the spin from the BLM media



Cops Side With Armed St. Louis Homeowners, Investigate Protesters For ‘Assault By Intimidation’

Update (2020ET): While reactions to the gun-toting lawyers…

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