Stuttgart riot: ‘Antifa was there’

Allah's Willing Executioners

Police officers who were on duty during the Stuttgart riots have voiced suspicion that left-wing extremists were also involved in the riots. “It reminded me of the G20 summit in Hamburg. My colleagues and I are pretty sure that Antifa was there.

Otherwise it would not have escalated so much,” an official told regional daily the Badischen Neuesten Nachrichten.

The police noticed shopping trolleys full of stones and other projectiles. “And there were bottles that were filled with paint. No normal party goer has something like this with them,” the paper quoted a police officer. In addition, hooded people with crowbars were noticed during the operation.

The deputy state chairman of the German Police Union, Jürgen Engel, shared this assessment. “According to what my colleagues have reported to me and what you can see on the videos, it can be assumed that the riots started within the so-called event scene…

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