The Corporate Thought Police

Allah's Willing Executioners

Our corporate thought police have been working overtime, and from the look of it, they are only beginning.

Mats Skogkär, a journalist and editorial writer at one of Sweden’s largest regional newspapers,Sydsvenskan, was recently demoted from editorial writer to a non-writing position fortweetingthe following:

“When you see the Left’s almost sexual excitement over the riots in the United States, over the looting, fires and violence, it also becomes easier to understand its desire to create similar conditions here with a large… segregated underclass of migrants”.

“A tweet way over the line,”wroteJonas Kanje, editor in chief atSydsvenskan, after receiving backlash on Twitter. “A way to express yourself that Sydsvenskan can never support. I dissociate myself from it.”

According to the Swedish publishing house Bonnier, which ownsSydsvenskan, “Bonnier defends freedom of expression… a diversity of voices and perspectives should be heard in…

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