30 June 2020 – CONGRESS passes bill to pay the UN to run the LOCAL POLICE in 46 US cities. Treason by providing AID and material support to undermine the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Treason is defined by providing aid and comfort (material support) to foreign bodies that seek to supplant or replace the government of the USA.

This DOES so and it’s in official documents and in WRITING!!!

To add insult to injury, they are using TAX payer money to do it with.

House passes bill to pay UN to run local police boards in 46 U.S. cities




The United Nations (UN) have their Human Rights police review boards readied in 46 cities.

Anticipating another billion dollars to pay their people.


When bill HR 7120 passes the Senate.

And becomes law.

If President Donald J. Trump is no longer there to veto it.

The House version of the bill was passed yesterday.

In two and a half weeks.

A copy of the bill is linked here:


The 46 cities anticipating UN police review boards are listed in this article:

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