30 June 2020 – International Companies like Marriott parroted China’s propaganda or is it that China is parroting the Globalist’s propaganda?

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Parrot?  Who parrots whom?

One must consider that the Parrot maybe the parroted. These Global companies are NOT the same type of company as Joe’s an Milli’s sandwich shop.  They have centralized power to lobby GOVERNMENTS.  What’s Joe and Milli got?  They can go to the IMF and tell them to lower or raise the interest rate.  What can Milli accomplish?  Just saying.

By the way, it’s really a bipartisan WAR (Coup).  Check out the relationship that Romney has to Marriott (Directorship)

(right click and show in new window – use setting to make lager)RomneyMarriott

Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson Continues to Act as the ChiComs’ Propaganda Mouthpiece

AP featured image
FILE – In this Jan. 11, 2018, file photo, Chinese and American flags fly outside of a JW Marriott hotel in Beijing. Politics weighs more heavily on foreign companies in China…

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