“The Bowls Are Filled To Over-Flowing” Prophetic Dream About America

The Mad Jewess

“The Bowls Are Filled To Over-Flowing”  – Dream About America

PictureThe stench and sin of America has the bowls of filth filled to overflowing.  Repent America so that some may be saved from the upcoming judgment and wrath of God.  God must pour HIS bowls upon our filthy bowls to cleanse the earth and purify the land. 

This is my dream from Sat. February 15, 2020

I was in a very large mall with many, many stores.  The mall was so large that it had to have many bathrooms.  There were bathrooms everywhere.

As I went to go to the bathroom, the first one I entered, I was astounded…because it was filthy dirty.  The bowls had over-flowed with water, feces, menstruation, urine mixed with water…. of course.  It was smelly and disgusting.  Toilet paper was all over.  Just filthy.

I went to the 2nd bathroom and it…

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