3 July 2020 -Maxwell, Weiner and more

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I wrote an article that ties Maxwell to ……

5 Feb 2020 – Romney’s Fortune tied to MAXWELL, Clinton and Cuba – https://txlady706.home.blog/2020/02/05/5-feb-2020-romneys-fortune-tied-to-maxwell-clinton-and-cuba/

What connects Ghislaine Maxwell, Weiner’s Laptop & the strange happenings at the SDNY?

Someday, hopefully, the victims of the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile pyramid will find some peace on this earth. Unfortunately, before then, and before we promise cheques to them that our bodies can’t guarantee – we must find all the perpetrators. Wherever they might creep. And regardless of whose toes we may need to step on.

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell yesterday was a most welcome development in the process. Now, we need to reframe her usefulness, into something actually useful. What does that look like you might ask?

Let’s start by framing the questions in the present. There are girls & boys caught in pedophile rings, currently and actively being abused and trafficked…

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