5 July 2020 – Texas -BLM – To establish BLACK “ethno” state? They are already marching in Georgia,

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What ETHNICITY is Black?  Nigerian?  South African?  Jamaican ?  Indonesian?  English?

Who is Black?

The media is a racist organization that is creating an illusion of Black Power vs Whites.

Wait until they do this with Hispanics and Latinos – this is going to get more ugly than the 60’s – it already IS

Heavily Armed “Black Militia” Call For Black Ethnostate: “We’ll Take Texas”

A number of videos are circulating on social media showing a heavily armed “Black Militia” swarming Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.As many as 200 African-Americans in military-style uniforms rallied on Independence Day, claiming to be part of a group known as the NFAC, an acronym for “Not F**king Around Coalition.”

According to the group’s founder, who…

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