Iraqi-Albanian human trafficking gang forged German language certificates for foreigners for years to enable them to be naturalised

Allah's Willing Executioners

For years, a group of Kosovo Albanians and Iraqis has forged language certificates for foreigners without knowledge of German language in order to illegally grant them residence permits and naturalisation. The perpetrators are said to have received up to 5,000 euros per faked test.Currently, Isuf G. (36 years old), Bahri D. (32), Kattu F. (25), Falah Hassan B. (32) and Nazife B.(23) have to answer for themselves before the Munich Regional Court. The charge is that foreigners were smuggled in by organized and criminal human smuggling and that documents were forged in several cases.The perpetrators pretended to be their “customers” at the licensed language schools that conduct the German tests by pasting their own pictures over the passport photos of the applicants on the identity documents. Then the perpetrators completed the tests. The schools apparently did not notice this clumsy scam, as the scams are said to have lasted for…

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