Will the US replace Christopher Columbus with Nancy Pelosi?

Allah's Willing Executioners

by Giulio Meotti

The Church of England has replaced a classical Jesus with a black Jesus. The painting was installed not in some London museum for snobby bourgeois, but in the altar of the famous cathedral of St. Albans, the oldest and most continuously active Christian place of worship in the UK.

Ever since the leaders of Western Christianity completely lost the light of reason (and of faith), they have only seen black.

But all these lying and hypocritical affected demonstrations of anti-racism tell us more, they tell us that Western societies are overwhelmed by a frightening weakness and an epidemic of cultural disgust for their own civilization. There is no opposition to this chaos. These enemies want to bring the West into submission by imposing on it a representation that is absolutely foreign to our history. They will, if this goes on, overwhelm us.

“Tear down the statues of…

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