Armenian Christian attacked with knife by Islamists in Berlin, Germany

Allah's Willing Executioners

Yesterday, the Syrian-Armenian member of staff of the German Parliament Kevork Almassian was attacked and injured with a knife by two Islamists in Berlin. Member of parliament Markus Frohnmaier asks for assistance in tracing the perpetrators.

Kevork Almassian is an Armenian Christian and a recognized refugee in Germany. Since 2018 he has been working for the AfD member of parliament Markus Frohnmaier in the German Parliament. Since he was doxed last year by editor-in-chief Lars Wienand of T-Online, the German TV magazine “Kontraste” and the Syrian Islamist activist Nahla Osman from Rüsselsheim, he has been getting death threats.Yesterday two Islamists attacked Almassian with a knife in the street. Almassian managed to escape. Frohnmaier asks for clues about the perpetrator.The informers Lars Wienand and Silvio Duwe and Georg Heil from “Kontraste” never apologized to Almassian.

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