@StephanMolyneux Has Been Suspended From Communist #Twitter

The Mad Jewess

@StephanMolyneux Has Been Suspended From Communist #Twitter

The Communists have cyber murdered Stephan Molyneux.  To the Communists, this is killing someone and you BET they are rejoicing.  

I followed Ashley Rae on Twitter, she followed me.   Very anti Communist & a sweetheart.  I miss a lot of these people.  I was suspended from Twitter and had over 15K followers.   I was shadowbanned in 2013.  Banned forever in 2016.  Long before anyone else.  I wear my suspended from Twitter badge of honor proudly on the side of this blog.  Nobody cares about suspensions of people UNTIL it happens to them.

The Communists hate Stephan because he tells the truth. Truth is kryptonite to Communist, aka “Liberals”

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