France: Commemoration march after brutal attack on bus driver – The manslayers probably have a migration background

Allah's Willing Executioners

Three days after the very violent assault of a bus driver in Bayonne, Sunday evening, the four suspects were charged. All were placed in pre-trial detention, two of them, aged 22 and 23, are being tried for attempted murder. On Wednesday evening, relatives of the victim, between life and death, called for a white march.

Colleagues of the driver, residents of the Bayonne conurbation … Dressed in white, a flower in their hands, many people gathered at the Balichon stop, a stop where the bus driver was severely beaten on Sunday.

A few hours before the tragedy, Jean-Pierre had boarded the tram’bus which Philippe Monguillot was driving.”He was a friend of mine,” he says.”I have been taking the bus for 30 years in Bayonne, I saw him on Sunday afternoon, he took me to…

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