Welcome to the new abnormal: How to survive the growing civil unrest (LeoHohmann.com)

Welcome to the new abnormal: How to survive the growing civil unrest
Post by @leohohmann.


Welcome to the new abnormal: How to survive the growing civil unrest


Army of militants gathers in Stone Mountain, Ga., July 4, 2020. Photo/Fred Matt Morris Facebook

The time to prepare is now

Many of you were shocked by the video footage I presented over the weekend, where an army of some 300 heavily armed Black Panther type commandos marched through Stone Mountain, a suburb of Atlanta, harassing white people with threats and intimidation.

I received many emails from readers after that disturbing post, titled The Bolshevik army shows its face in Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain.

“What country is this?” some asked. “Am I living in some kind of dystopian nightmare? If so, please wake me up!”

Others asked some version of, “what’s their point?” …”What are they trying to prove with such a demonstration of hate?”

When that hate is aimed at a group of people based solely on their skin color, that’s the epitome of racism. But wait, these folks are trying to justify their bizarre behavior on a claim of being against racism.

Many Americans are confused by what they see.

Let me try to explain what I think is going on.

First off, the vast majority of the Republican leaders still don’t understand what we are dealing with here. The folks knocking down statues and accusing everyone of being part of a conspiracy of “systemic racism” are not simply malcontents hoping for police reform. These are Marxist revolutionaries and such people only understand one thing – brute force.

In the absence of force they will continue to get more violent as the summer wears on, leading up to the Nov. 3 presidential election.

When a battalion of militants marches through an American city armed with AR-15s and ammunition belts, you should understand that the time for talking is over.

So, if they don’t want police reform and they don’t want to negotiate, what do they want? What is their true motivation?

It’s the same motivation that is behind:

Watch the beating of the Catholics praying in St. Louis below, a case in which the violent ringleader was a Muslim activist named Umar Lee:

The question is, why such unhinged behavior by the left?

Clearly there are elements, if you follow the money, that are trying to provoke a race war in America.

These Marxists want a race war that they can pin on President Trump and his supporters.

How will they pull this off? leohohmann.com read more

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