Has It Begun? Powerful ‘King Tide’ Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA


The Mad Jewess

Has It Begun? Powerful Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA

Ive not seen anything like this, personally.  This happened a time before in LA, 4 years ago… However, God extended grace to America at that time.  America, unfortunately has not corporately repented..  Ive lived on the bay and the beach most of my life-except now.  

Has God finally said Enough is enough?  I dont know.  But, if you are in Southern CA on the beach…you should probably get out.  We’re not under Gods grace anymore.  We’re at his mercy and thats a total different story…

The ‘tidal waves’ people have had spiritual dreams of regarding CA may not be a huge tidal wave. The tides may get higher and higher until a lot of CA coast is possibly washed away.

People thought this was a Tsunami…

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