Now Not Wearing a Mask in a Store Can Get You Fired

Allah's Willing Executioners

Set aside the specifics of the incident. This is not about whether people should wear masks.

The point of the shaming viral videos, which are invariably out of context and filmed/edited by people who have an agenda, is to make their subject look terrible. Relying on them to make a decision about an incident, especially when they’re missing crucial information, is something that only terrible people who don’t care about basic honesty and fairness would do.

And these days that’s all of us.

Any decent critique of social media would begin by ending the torrent of public shaming videos and no legitimate news organization would republish them. Obviously, none of that is happening. If anything, the media has joined in to keep getting people fired.

And the people being fired violate the media’s preferred values, whether it’s opposing Black Lives Matter or not wearing masks.

Does this make the media…

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