German citizens resist muezzin call with cow bells and pot banging

Allah's Willing Executioners

Friday noon, at 1:30 pm sharp: When the muezzin calls for prayer in the Ditib Mosque, Marcel Bauersfeld is standing on the sidewalk of Bielefelder Strasse in Herford – once again. He hammers on a cooking pot with a spoon without ceasing. Shortly afterwards the police come and demand that he leave.Is this freedom of expression or is the 37-year-old’s action disturbing the freedom of religion? “Two basic rights collide,” says police spokeswoman Simone Lah-Schnier. However, as soon as there is suspicion of a crime, the police may – as in this case – issue a sending-off order. According to the spokeswoman, the man who has never been reported to the police, has already been charged with violating religious freedom.On July 3, Marcel Bauersfeld had also made a lot of noise in front of the mosque. But a week ago he used a cowbell. “It was confiscated by the police…

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