Andrzej Duda wins re-election

Allah's Willing Executioners

According to results provided by the National Electoral Commission (PKW) on Monday morning, from 99.97 percent of voting centers, President Andrzej Duda won the election with 51.21 percent of the vote.

His opponent, Rafał Trzaskowski received 48.79 percent. The difference in the votes between the candidates is approximately 500,000. Duda received more than 10.4 million votes and Trzaskowski more than 9.9 million.

The turnout was a record high for Poland at 68.7 percent.

Andrzej Duda emphasized during his post-election speech that winning the elections at such a high turnout was incredible news.

“I would like to thank my countrymen with all my heart. I am very touched by all of this,” the re-elected president said.

Supporters gathered at his rally in Pułtusk (Central Poland) chanted “Long live Poland” after the first results from the exit poll were announced.

Duda thanked not only his voters, but also those of his opponent…

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