Germany: African father of three threatens much younger woman and pressures her to marry him – When she rejects him, he stabs her to death

Allah's Willing Executioners

She came to the Rhineland from Eritrea five years ago. A young woman who had big plans. Hanna attended a language course, she learned German, dreamed of a good job and, one day, of a family. But Hanna was murdered. A stalker (47 years old) wiped out her life.

In a state of shock, the friends and members of the Ethiopian Protestant community sit together in the living room on Wednesday (July 8th). They are sitting at a small memorial altar with photos of their dead girlfriend, have lit candles. Hanna’s best girlfriend struggles to control her composure as she talks about her dead roommate. “For months, Hanna lived in fear. “She dared to come out the door only with an escort. “because the man chasing her was always waiting for her.Every day the 47-year-old man, who lives just one street away in Schlebusch, bombarded the young woman with messages…

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