German gov’t removes Taiwan flag, permits Palestinian flag

Allah's Willing Executioners

The foreign ministry of Germany deleted the flag of the state of Taiwan from its website while allowing the non-state of Palestine to remain on its homepage, sparking outrage on social media and from Taiwan’s government about bias.Taiwan News reported on Monday that “Germany was found to have unceremoniously replaced Taiwan’s flag with a blank, white banner under its listing for the country on the foreign ministry website — prompting one reporter to ask if it was a white flag of surrender to China.”

According to Taiwan news, a reporter asked a German foreign ministry spokesman Rainer Breul, “Since when did the official website of the German Foreign Ministry no longer use Taiwan’s flag?” He then further queried why the Palestinian flag can still be found on the website even though it is not an officially recognized country.Breul could not provide an answer.The German Free Democratic party MP Bijan Djir-Sarai…

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