And Still Going

Congratulations on 9 years.
Bob A.


So, 9 years, 3787 posts, 31,900 comments, 6 authors, and a lot of joy and angst ago, I decided to be a blogger. Have I regretted it, sometimes but not often. It becomes a habit and keeps your mind working. That’s why I started it, and it still works.

My most read post with 1832 views is Then He Shall be the Greatest Man in the World,” King George II About what George III, told Ambassador Adams when he told the King that Washington would resign his commission and retire to Mount Vernon.

Jessica’s most viewed with 784 views is The wrath of the awakening Saxon which presented Kipling’s poem and drew on her master’s thesis on Kipling. But part of her charm was that she would wander off the reservation more than I do. Her fourth most read, A spanking good time?an excellent, funny, and just slightly…

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