Will Funding The Cops Be THE Issue?

The Lone Cactus

There is a growing backlash over the whole Black Lives Matter/Antifa movement lately. The whole “Defund The Cops” is quickly being replaced with a more sensible, more measured approach of, “Let’s talk about reforms”. And apparently, it has the uber-leftist snowflakes out there writhing in pain.

As the nation watches where cities have opted to move money away from police departments and more toward “social programs” like low-income housing and job training for under-educated and under-employed folks, it becomes pretty evident that the whole thing about replacing the cops isn’t going to make it.

Back when the whole Floyd alleged murder (no one has been found guilty of it yet, thus it is STILL alleged!) by a white police officer, some 54% of Republicans and right-leaning Independents felt that racial discrimination in this country was a “big problem”. After three weeks of looting and rioting, and the whole CHAZ/CHOP thing…

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