The COVID-19 Operational Theory via Holger Awakens

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The COVID-19 Operational Theory via Holger Awakens

The COVID-19 Operational Theory
By Holger

When the COVID-19 virus first emerged, undoubtedly, those of a nefarious nature on the Left in this world, saw an opportunity to use this turn of events. Certainly, we have all heard the old saying, “don’t let a crisis go to waste.” So, at that time, the goal was, and had been for quite some time, to squash the threats to global Marxism that were primarily housed in the United States of America in the personage of President Donald Trump. Let’s face it – the outsider to the whole Government Party of America had assumed power and was systematically dismantling the apparatus of the machinery that would ensure the steady movement world-wide to a Marxist state.

So, with the goal to remove Trump from power, from office, a plan was developed by the Marxists to use the Coronavirus as the hammer. First off, the virus would need “pandemic” status so the Chinese began a stealth campaign of deflection and misdirection that would allow the virus to spread to Europe and America. Secondly, the virus needed to gain credibility as a “dangerous” pandemic. This credibility could only be achieved by alarming death rates. The country of Italy was chosen to showcase the first wave of desolation and since Italy’s Milan region was already positioned well with numerous Chinese factories located there and many Chinese nationals traveling there week in and week out, the onslaught began.

When the Italian chaos had firmly been established, with death tolls and spread seemingly out of control, the next phase of the plan was to mimic the same tactic in America. The Marxists needed an epicenter in America where death would create panic. That epicenter was identified as New York City. By this time, the Marxist scientists had identified the elderly as the prime target susceptible to death via the COVID-19 virus. The tactic for New York City was simple – work with a sympathetic core of leftist officials and political allies to ensure that the virus was introduced to long term care facilities for the aged. This was accomplished and shortly afterward, New York City and New Jersey were reporting death tolls sufficient to alarm the entire country. The media was quick to draw parallels between Italy and New York City.

The next piece of the puzzle was to ensure that the pandemic did not “burn out” before it could be effectively used to manipulate and alter the presidential election in America in November of 2020. The New York City outbreak occurred in March so measures had to be put in place to ensure that the virus continued to spread across America through the summer and into the Fall up until, at least, election time.

Again, the global Marxists enlisted the aid of sympathizers at the state level across the United States. Governors were enlisted, as they had been in New York and in New Jersey. The recipe for sustaining the spread of the COVID-19 virus was to curb and halt ANY sort of immunity to the virus by the general population. Thus Governors were instructed to “shut down” their states – close businesses and manufacturing plants, restrict the citizenry to their home, and in essence isolate all people from each other so that immunity simply could not occur. The strategy was, for the first time in human history, to quarantine the healthy as opposed to the sick. The fear of the Marxists was that with the onset of the heat of the 2020 summer season the virus would see a huge slowdown of spread if the population had become more and more immune.

In general, the plan worked to perfection. However, a number of rogue states began to “open up” their states for economic recovery reasons. Thus, the next phase of the plan had to be implemented by the Marxists and that was to PROVE to America that “opening up” was dangerous. Specific rogue states were then targeted with a combination of introduction of COVID-19 virus carriers via illegals from Mexico, a public pressure campaign to increase testing by huge percentages, a manipulation of reporting data as to those stricken with the virus and who had died of the virus and finally, the media was enlisted to focus on those target states with daily warnings about the turn of events due to the opening up of isolation requirements. The states targeted by the Marxists were Georgia, Florida, Texas and Arizona.

All of this planning and plotting was contingent on keeping American numbers of COVID-19 cases growing through summer and into at least October. The danger to the plan was not the behavior of the populace or the behavior of some independent Governors – it was the sustainability of the virus itself. President Trump had to be showcased as making grave errors in the handling of this pandemic. The plan hinged on him being portrayed as putting the American people in peril. An essential element of this plan then became the isolation of Trump. The Governors who had gone rogue needed to be brought in line with all of the other states that had maintained the isolation edicts and thus, the picture could be painted of Trump being for opening up and every Governor taking the opposite stand of closing down.

With all of this in place, the manipulation of the election and the campaigns could flourish. Presidential debates would be cancelled. Conventions for both parties would become virtual electronic events. The very method of voting would be altered so that electronic and mail in voting options would be approved and implemented. The Marxists believed, back in early 2020, that Trump would win re-election in November if the people were allowed to repeat their vote of 2016. The plan had at its core a method of tallying votes fraudulently thus removing any Trump advantage in key states for an eventual electoral vote win. Thus, the implementation of new voting methods was essential in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon and Nevada.

If this plan is left unchecked, the outcome can be assured. President Trump will lose his re-election bid. And at the same time, with the presidential election going the way of the Marxists, it opens up the opportunity for a resolution to the virus that will ensure Marxist control for decades in America. With the Marxists in power come January 2021, measures can then be implemented to begin the immunization of the country. Even without a vaccine, herd immunity will be allowed to commence and by late Spring, the spread will have slowed significantly and the summer months will end it.
The new Marxist regime will be proven correct, Trump will be proven wrong and America will follow their new leaders anywhere they are told to go.

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