16 July 2020 – The Second Amendment (2A) doesn’t apply to American citizens – mob rule – McCloskey’s have weapons seized against Constitutionally protected rights

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The Constitution is being nullified by the LEFT in America.  But is it from the LEFT in America?  BLM is an international organization.  Antifa is funded the the same.  The mobs march on the orders from these groups so is it domestic?  It doesn’t meet the definition of Domestic Terror.  It just plain WAR!!

The POLICE are taking and executing UN-Constitutional orders. So, when they tell you that the thin blue line will protect you.  WILL THEY?  Like they are defying order against seizing weapons from ordinary citizens BECAUSE they were protecting themselves?

Maybe thats NOT going to happen.  Maybe the police will FOLLOW the inhumane orders of the enemy.  The enemy that has infiltrated government.

My original post when the Mob attacked – https://txlady706.home.blog/2020/06/29/29-june-2020-st-louis-a-terrorist-mob-breaks-in-to-private-property-but-armed-homeowners-stand-there-ground-and-protect-their-own/

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Served Up to the Mob? Gov’t Seizes Guns From Besieged McCloskeys

Written by  Selwyn Duke

Is self-defense now a crime? Some…

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